Agency for Trends, Design & Text


Making you heard (and read)

360° SL provides strong editorial content for brands, institutions, publishers and agencies. Online or offline, B2C or B2B, we set the right tone to get your message across. Our fields of expertise include fashion, lifestyle trends and travel.

We have been published in a wide variety magazines, newspapers, blogs and managed the social media appearances for various brands behind the scenes. We like to be relevant, but creative. Entertaining, but precise.


Working ahead of the curve

With our broad knowledge as trend scouts and designers, 360° SL creates detailed trend reports and forecasts. Our field of expertise include fashion, design, lifestyle and travel. We analyze the current and future market trends and translates them into elaborate concepts, from material sourcing to the presentation of the finalized collection.

From the first trend to the finished garment in your happy client's shopping bag.

If streetstyle or trade shows, retail or online shops, we keep a keen eyes on relevant developments for your target group. 360°SL is where liefestyle changes are happening. We support our clients to make better decisions for their collections by delivering customized market insight and specific design direction throughout the collection making process.

What we do

-strategic color and trend direction

-trade show analysis

-retail analysis

-material forecasts

-presentations & workshops

-custom consultations


-custom design

-product management


-storytelling with memorable impact

-curated editorial content

-print: articles and cover stories

-web: websites, blog content, social media