Making you heard (and read)

360° SL provides strong editorial content for brands, institutions, publishers and agencies. Online or offline, B2C or B2B, we set the right tone to get your message across. Our fields of expertise include fashion, lifestyle trends and travel.

We have been published in a wide variety magazines, newspapers, blogs and managed the social media appearances for various brands behind the scenes. We like to be relevant, but creative. Entertaining, but precise.

Fashion & Trends

I am focused on putting the latest fashion and trends into words. Either for trend books, reports on industry events or researching the latest retail trends.  

Blogs & Social Media

I know the specifics of getting your message across online. Creating content especially for your Blog, Facebook and Instagram I reach and grow your online community.

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture are a a big indicator of what moves us right here and now. I like to find the most inspiring influencers, artists and exhibitions and emphasize their importance through interviews and articles.

Travel & Tourism

Discovering the most beautiful places on this planet is a passion of ours and so is sharing our discoveries online and in print.

Best of Berlin

Berlin is my home turf. I am walking the ever changing streets of Germany's most creative city 24/7. I combine my knowledge of shops, restaurants and sights in customized city guides for various target groups. So, you will truly find what you are looking for when coming to Berlin.